EMU President Susan Martin shopping for books at EMU

Eastern Michigan University’s newest president Dr. Susan Martin was invited to march with Ypsilanti City Council in this year’s 4th of July Parade. Memo’s were sent out and Secret Service security was beefed up for the new prez. But Dr. Martin was a no show.

No idea why Martin dissed Ypsilanti, but she starts work Monday and the Tattler will be there to ask her “What’s Up.”

We did hear that Dr. Martin asked if she really had to move in to the Presidential Palace. Martin said she wanted University House to be used for special events and fund raising. Policy wonks at Welch Hall squelched that idea saying she needed to live there or there would be rioting in the streets, mostly by disgruntled legislators from Lansing.

In honor of Elvis Fest, we are renaming the University House. For ever more it will be called Graceland II.

Passing American Flag in Parade

Passing American Flag in Parade

Speaking of MIA, what is with the Ypsilanti area High Schools and Flags. This is the second time this year that not one high school band carried a U.S. Flag in the parade.

Neither Lincoln, Ypsilanti, or Willow Run High School had a U.S. or Michigan flag at the front of their unit. Are they ashamed to carry a U.S. Flag in the Memorial Day Parade or the 4th of July Parade?

Several years ago, an Ypsilanti Attorney bought the Ypsi High band a U.S. Flag and at the time Michigan Senator Alma Wheeler Smith donated a Michigan Flag. They carried the flags in one parade and then they disappeared.

Come one guys, we are remembering our veterans and celebrating our County’s birth. The least you could do is carry a flag in the parade.