Drew Barrymore in YpsilantiDrew Barrymore in Ypsilanti

Shhhh, it's a secret that she was in town scouting movie locations.

Drew Barrymore’s Production Company has bought a house on Ypsilanti’s East Side. The house on Oak Street is being used in her new Movie Whip It. We guess it was cheaper to buy the house then negotiate a rights and use agreement.

Saline may have scored a victory when Barrymore opened up a production office there, but we can lay claim to having our first movie studio in Ypsilanti. The Tattler is looking forward to daily rushes at the Ugly Mug.

Someone needs to warn them about the Ypsilanti Historic District Commission. The Tattler would hate it if Jane Schmiedeke was able to get the production stopped because they painted the trim blue.