What happened to the light pole flags in Ypsi?

We know we already did a missing flag story and the Tattler doesn’t want to be accused of beating a dead horse. But we just got an email from a fellow tattler and she asks, “What happened to all the flags that were on the light poles in Ypsilanti?”

The Tattler looks forward to 4th of July because the city replaces all the banner flags with U.S. Flags. There is just nothing like driving downtown and seeing it basking in red, white and blue. But not this year. What happened?

The flags are sitting in the warehouse at the City. The 4th of July Parade committee bought the flags several years ago for the City and the City pledged to put them out each year in July. But I guess with all the threats of budget cuts and police layoffs, the city decided to leave the flags packed up. Maybe if the City Income Tax had passed, the city would have had the money to put up the flags.

Invisble Sheriff Dan MinzeySpeaking of the 4th of July Parade, our invisible Sheriff Dan Minzey marched in the parade. Did you see all the Sheriff vehicles that followed him? There must have been 15 Washtenaw County Sheriff Vehicles. Who knew we owned a Hummer. But no one missed the fly-over with a Re-Elect Dan Minzey for Sheriff banner in tow.

The boat was even in the parade. You would think the Sheriff’s Department would be patrolling the County lakes on a busy three-day holiday weekend. Perhaps, they thought they may need to do a river rescue on the Huron.

The Tattler wonders what all those deputies cost the taxpayers of Washtenaw County to drive in both the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti parades? Think of all the coffee you could have bought. Hmm, coffee.