Fireworks fizzle in Township

Fireworks fizzle in Ypsilanti Township

A little bird whispered into the Tattler’s ear saying all was not as it seems with this years fireworks at Ford Lake. The fireworks show was scheduled for Wednesday, July 2nd. A fellow tattler tells us the show wasn’t canceled because of rain, it was because organizers didn’t have enough money to pay the cops for a second night after the show was rained out.

The Township waited to cancel the show until about 3 hours before it was supposed to go off at 10:00 pm on Wednesday. By then it was too late to send the cops home.

The weather report for Wednesday predicted massive storms Wednesday night. But the Township held out hoping for a break in the weather that never came.

Since they waited too long before canceling the show, they had to pay for all the police called out on overtime to baby-sit the estimated 20,000 to 50,000 spectators that never showed on Wednesday. So there was no money to call the police back the next night.

Our tattler neighbor to the south said they decided to blame it on the wet parking lot. We think this is all wet, but the fellow tattler insists the parking lot was dry. We thought about wading across Ford Lake to check it out, but that seemed like too much work. We decided it would be more fun getting a mug of joe at the Ugly and look at porn on the Internet.