EMU President Susan Martin gets ready for the neighborhood welcoming committee

The Tattler was doing our daily flyover of Graceland II to see what’s happening at Ypsi’s own Real World.

While we didn’t see any film crews, we did spy EMU President Susan Martin and hubby Larry out on the front lawn. No they weren’t airing dirty laundry or burying the silver.

They were out front playing bocce ball. So we swooped down into one of the pine trees to take a listen. Neighbors were stopping by to chat with the Prez and enjoy Michigan’s spectacular summer.

The Martin’s seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

Neighbors commented, as they walked by, that outside of seeing EMU Physical Plant employees there for the twice weekly lawn care, they had never seen anyone out on the front lawn.

The Tattler reminded them of all the moving vans in the last four years. “Oh yeah, we forgot about the moving vans.”

See, Ypsilanti can bury the past.

The best part was when the Martin’s teenage son bounded up and introduced himself as the “First Son”. Welcome to the neighborhood kid, do you like coffee?