City announces new name for Water Street, Farmers Folly

While the early bird gets the worm, the Tattler would rather hang out with friends all night at Abe’s Coney Island and sleep in. So when we got up late this morning, we found some love in our in-box.

Mark Maynard ran with our story about Austin, Texas not happy about losing the movie Whip It! to Ypsilanti. Then Jordan Miller got wind of our video story on Ypsilanti is Better.

Show me some love Ypsilanti. The Tattler was feeling good.

So we climbed down the Tower, any flying this early in the morning before coffee is dangerous for the Tattler and everyone on the ground, and headed over to the Ugly Mug for a wake up call.

Swift boating up the Huron River

When we got back, slipped under the nest was a political hack letter from Mayor Schreiber and friends addressed Dear Ypsilanti Political Observers. Oh good, fresh paper to line the nest.

We sent the $1.54 they spent on stamps and the large manila envelope over for DNA testing. We told the lab it was for a paternity test. We don’t want anyone fowling the nest.

I think we will flap over to Water Street and see if the new sign renaming Water Street is up. With a little cloud cover the fishing should be pretty good this afternoon. We put in our suggestion, they should call Water Street, Farmers Folly. That beats what one mayoral appointee suggested they should call it, “Goose Shit Acres.”