The Tattler loves going over to the Corner Brewery. They have great brats and the Tattler can get a pint of what ever flips my lid. I am always interested in trying the newest brews and I am enamored with Tree Fort right now. I still keep falling back to my favorites, Brasserie Blonde and Sacred Cow.

What is great about hanging out at the Corner is it’s also the favorite hangout of the ruling elite in Ypsilanti. So the Tattler is privy to all sorts of nefarious plans, scheming, and general bitch sessions about those young upstarts that were opposed to the City Income Tax. As Barry LaRue said, “They are just ruining this city for everyone else.”

The Tattler was curled up in the corner with a copy of the Thornbirds listening in on the next table. The whole group was there: Barry, Gary, Mary, Glen, Jane, Paul, Caleb, Bill, Karen, Rod, John, and the rest of the pump house gang.

In a break between campaign mailings and parade antics,  Brian Robb‘s name came up. Tatt had already heard them say that Robb worked on the line at Ford. Robb is an engineer at the mother ship at Ford in Dearborn. But lets not let facts get in the way of a good story.

Ypsi Planning Commissioner and skating coach Gary Clark said to no one in particular at the table “The reason Brian Robb installed Wireless Ypsi is so he could read other people’s email.”

They all nodded their head in agreement with Gary and complained about how Robb asks too many questions at Council. The funny part was that several gang members had their computers open and they were using, wait for it … Wireless Ypsi. Barry is right, they really are ruining it for everyone else.

Here on the Water Tower we get a great Wireless Ypsi signal from the Ugly Mug. So the Tattler can stay in touch with all my friends that migrate South for the Winter.

Brian, if you are reading my email, please don’t tell my mom that I was really in town for her birthday. She will never forgive me for missing her party.

Before they donned aluminum foil helmets and began talking about Area 51 and Water Street, the Tattler flew over to Parkridge Park to scope out the latest happenings.

John Barfield

Just as the Tattler flew over, John Barfield, Ypsi’s version of Warren Buffett, was unveiling a plan to build a $3.4 million rec center at Parkridge Park in Ypsi’s southside. The Tattler has already scoped out a perfect perch on the SE corner over looking the park and school.

The building is 20,000sf and Barfield said WCC has committed to rent 10,000sf on a long term 20-year lease. Barfield and Company are meeting this week with EMU, U-M, and the County for the other 10,000sf. They expect to break ground in 2009 and be open in 2010.

Perhaps after Barfield is finished at Parkridge, the mayor could ask him to negotiate a new AATA agreement with those same people supporting Parkridge.

Our BoaF’s (Birds of a Feather) at EMU and WCC tell the Tattler the first meetings with the Mayor and City Manager to talk about buses didn’t go so well. The story goes that they sympathized with the city’s plight, but they don’t have any spare change to spend on buses for Ypsilanti. I guess Barfield said “pretty please” to get them to fork over the scratch for Parkridge.

They don’t let birds on AATA buses, so the Tattler will stick to the friendly skies.

Oh no, the growler is almost empty. I need to make one more stop back at the Corner. Maybe can I sneak in the back door by the beer garden and not be spotted. Damn, sure enough, the aluminum helmets were out.