Gary Hann endorses John Gawlas

Ypsilanti City Council meeting was packed last night. The Tattler was able to sit perched on the coat rack and no one noticed.

The Tattler felt sorry for the poor kid in the back that stayed through most of the meeting and then threw up. Fortunately, he was able to dash out before making too much of a mess. Don’t worry kid, there have been many that have wanted to throw up after watching an Ypsilanti City Council meeting.

The local press wonks were there and the Tattler hopes YpsiNews will post some videos. The YN site is almost dead, Steve what’s happening? Post some articles or something.

The Tattler loves watching City Council meetings on-line. They make for a better night light than screaming ads for Oxi-clean, and it puts the Tattler right to sleep.

At last nights meeting, John Gawlas received a glowing endorsement from local politico Gary Hann. Hann has recently been spending some time in Jackson, Michigan. Hann said he was glad to be back and pleased with Gawlas support of bus service.

While Hann was in Jackson, he must have missed where Gawlas voted to cut and eliminate bus service in 2006. The Tattler is glad Gawlas has decided to Keep Ypsi Rollin‘.

Mayor Farmer was in the audience and she didn’t look too happy. Three of her favorite citizens, Gary Hann and Pat Mills were both in attendance and Tyrone Wilson was sitting next to her. There must have been flashbacks to all those Council meetings with Gary, Pat, Tyrone and the rest all yelling at her.

Farmer spoke incoherently about a spouse of a Council member and absentee ballot fraud and she asked the City attorney to investigate. It didn’t make much sense and it was unclear if it was a current or former council member.

It left those up on Council scratching their heads and the tattlers in the audience all a buzz asking who she was talking about. Before she could pull herself together, the buzzer went off and her three minutes were up. Some of the brood at the back of the room tried to ask her who she was talking about, but she flitted out of the room and was gone.

It is good to see Gary back at City Council meetings, the Tattler missed him.