City buys new street cleaning machine

The Tattler is not real big on cleaning here on the Water Tower. Change the paper in the nest, recycle the coffee cups, run the vacuum around, load the dishwasher and the place is good for another week.

Cleaning the streets in downtown Ypsilanti is sort of the same thing.

The Tattler was flying over to the old Beyer Hospital. The Barix Clinic is now in the old hospital and the doctors lounge has a great view of the city. The Tatt sits up there for hours and watches the summer storms roll in.

While flying to Beyer, the Tattler’s eagle eyes spied a new restaurant opening downtown on North Washington in the old Oasis Cafe. Called Beezy’s, we haven’t heard what kind of food they are planning to serve, but there is a new sign up on the mail box.

Down the street, employees from W. H. Canon was cleaning the street. Two employees were equipped with power blowers and a third, must of been the new guy, had a broom. New guy was sweeping the trash and leaves right into the storm drain.

The street looked beautiful after they were done. And there was no need to haul around that heavy trash can to pick up the trash.  Brilliant!

Now if the weather will just cooperate, Crossroads should be fun tonight.

The City and DDA are always looking for help, so if you have experience cleaning up messes, call them.