The Tattler was up way too late this morning, I knew I shouldn’t of had those last three coffee’s at midnight. Since I couldn’t sleep, might as well fire up the computer and see what Ypsi stuff I could find on-line

Lets see, the Ann Arbor News thinks Sheriff Minzey is an idiot. No news there. Hey what is this? A video of the Martindales playing at Ypsi Crossroads.

On Friday nights the Tattler likes to hang out in Downtown Ypsilanti with the owls on top of Pub 13 and listen to the music at the Ypsilanti Crossroads Music Festival.

Brian Brickley from the Taproom is the front man for this great R&B band. Brian is so cute when he says hi to his son and dedicates the next song to his wife Lisa. This is way better than watching Lifetime TV.

Vodpod videos no longer available.The Martindales at the Ypsilanti Crossroads Music Festival