Bird grams, drums, messages in bottles, notes attached to rocks, smoke signals, and morse code. These are some of the favorite ways fellow tattlers get the Tattler the news you want.

So it wasn’t too surprising when a rock came sailing in the port hole this afternoon up on the Water Tower.

This one was hot. We unwrapped the rock, and the note said “He is back! Call me.”

The Tatt got onto the squawk box with our fellow Tattler on the vulture perch across from City Hall.

“He’s Back”, whispered the the spy.


“That man, that …”, hmmph, snort, chew, gurgle, “HE’S BACK! RIGHT NOW. HERE. HE IS WALKING IN THE DOOR. HE WALKED IN THE DOOR!!!”


“Nathan Voght!”, exclaimed our rattled friend. “He was walking into city hall with his kid. You don’t suppose he wants his old job back? They are happy with him up in Howell, right?, asked the worried tattler.

The Tattled one assured the nervous Falconiform that Nathan was probably swapping stories with the folks up on the forth floor. Sort of a take your son to where you used to work day.

For those new around here, Nathan was the former city planner who was famously called Herr Nathan and Dr. No in the same meeting. When he announced that he was leaving to be the DDA director in Howell, there was a small celebration at an undisclosed location in Depot Town.

While trying to calm our downtown feathered friend, the call waiting clicks and on the other line another tattler gasps out of breath, “You won’t believe who I saw walk into City Hall!”

Umm, Nathan Voght?

Yeah, how did you know?

The Tattler never tells tales.

Calls continue to pour in all afternoon. It is almost like they have attached a Lojack to poor guy.

One tattler said they were following Nathan’s Toyota Hybrid and called from 94 to say Nathan was pulling onto the freeway,

OK folks, nothing to see here. Move along. You can go home now. Nathan has left the city.