Get out of jail

The EMU "We did nothing wrong" card

From our coop up on the Water Tower, the Tattler can look in on Welch Hall and see who is coming and going. The Tippling Tattler was enjoying his latest growler as a parade of local and state dignitaries have been calling on EMU’s newest Prez, Susan Martin.

The Tattler had high hopes for Martin.

Martin has said that she would for sure march in Ypsilanti’s Heritage Festival Parade after missing the 4th of July Parade.

EMU Regent Chair Tom Sidlick said about Martin, “I think she’ll be a breath of fresh air on campus. She’s got scholarly achievement, leadership qualities and a great personality.”

That is why the Tattler was bemused when Michigan’s Guv announced that Susan Martin had been re-appointed to the Michigan State Hospital Authority where Martin serves as Chair. The MSHA issues low cost taxpayer subsidized bonds for non-profit hospitals.

Apparently Governor Granholm and the other eight people on the EMU Board of Regents don’t see any conflict of interest in Martin serving on a state board that approves millions of dollars of bonds and loans for hospitals, while at the same time an EMU Regent who hired Martin is head of a large Michigan Hospital and has received millions of dollars from that same state board.

Regent Incinerati

Regent Incinerati Doing his best for EMU since 1992

Regent Philip Incarnati is head of Mclaren Hospital in Flint and sits on the boards of a number of other healthcare providers that operate in Michigan.

Incanarti also sits on the Board of Regents that hires and fires EMU’s President and he recently approved the hiring of Susan Martin.

Martin is Chair of the state board that approves millions of dollars in low interest loans for hospitals, including Incarnarti’s Mclaren Hospital.

Since 1980, MSHA has approved over $14 billion in taxpayer subsidized loans and over $520 million in loans to Mclaren Hospital.

What are these guys thinking?

Damn, I thought Martin and Regents were going to turn things around. You would have at least thought EMU would make it until September when the students got back before miring themselves in another controversy of poor judgment when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

Now the growler is empty, I think the Tattler is going to crawl back into the nest and watch reruns of Kathy Griffin.