The Tattler will use any newspaper when lining the nest, so it is more what we can find out around town determines what we use for fresh bedding. The Ann Arbor ‘Snuz is most plentiful because they hand out the Community News for free and the papers pile up around area apartment buildings like cord wood.

When the lights are out, we can’t tell the difference between the Wall Street Journal and the Ann Arbor News. It looks like the Ann Arbor News will have more in common with the WSJ than you would first think. Mergers are being talked about in downtown A2 as ad sales continue to plummet and so does page count at Your Trusted Source for news.

Talk has it that the News may combine with two or three sister news papers,  the Jackson Citizen Patriot, the Kalamazoo Gazette, and the Grand Rapids Press.  Word on the street is the news will reduce office size and move to more stringers and contractors for reporting and photography. The changes would not affect their new printing operation which opened several years ago that prints for the WSJ and the NY Times as that side of the house has reportedely been making money.

Mary Morgan flies the coop

Mary Morgan flies the coop

In more ‘Snuz news, Mary Morgan, the op-ed editor, left the Ann Arbor News. Morgan is married to local blogger Dave Askins who pens Homeless Dave. H-D has single-handedly brought teeter totters back to Ann Arbor. Morgan either resigned or was forced out or both, depends on who you talk to.

Morgan and her boss Ed Petykiewicz had in recent weeks been waging a war against Sheriff Dan Minzey. Remind me to never poop on their heads, especially when they load their cannons with ink.

Insiders said that Morgan had grown tired of the internal politics with her boss Ed P. and Publisher Laurel Champion over frequent disagreements regarding editorial content. While others speculated that Morgan simply wanted to start raising chickens which are now legal in Ann Arbor. A fellow tattler that loves fowl, well she can come over any time and use our teeter totter on the tower.

Hey, I wonder who setup that new cannon over by the Hiker?

Ed Petykiewicz and the Ann Arbor News sets up a new listening post next to Ypsilanti's Water Tower