Bodary v Gawlas

Bodary v Gawlas for Ypsilanti City Council

Ypsilanti City Council member John Gawlas is apparently launching a write-in campaign to retain his City Council seat. Gawlas has represented the Ypsilanti’s westside for 12 years and lost to newcomer Mike Bodary in the August Democratic Primary.

At first the Tattler was thinking, this is bird poop. Who in their right mind would mount a write-in campaign against a Democratic candidate during a presidential election year, especially after losing in the primary?

But our westside friend was the same tattler who told us about the Barak Obama sign with the KKK graffiti on US-23 and tipped the Tatt to the “Future of Ypsilanti” conference held in of all places, Ann Arbor. So our westsider tattler has some cred.

It’s true said the wisened westsider. According to the whisperer, Mayor Cheryl Farmer is leading the charge to raise money and encourage supporters to mount a write-in campaign for Gawlas.

Farmer is reminding supporters that she twice beat the Democrat when she ran as an independent for Mayor.

Farmer did beat the Dems twice but that was when she was an Independent on the ballot, not as a write-in. Cheryl also got more votes when she ran for Mayor than Sarah Palin, so using her logic, Cheryl should be the nominee for Vice-president.

Gawlas never seemed to have his heart in the last campaign telling the Ann Arbor News that he wanted to spend more time with his son Karl.

All three council candidates backed by Mayor Paul Schrieber campaigned for the City Income Tax last year and were defeated at the polls this year. Cheryl, Paul, and the ruling elite misjudged the anger from the voters over the City Income Tax and the Water Street debacle.

Frankly, the Tattler is a little tired of Council not understanding the Tattler doesn’t have an unlimited supply of feed. Between trying to put the kids through flight school and keep the roof at the tower from leaking, there isn’t any more scratch for risky land speculators at City Hall.

Watching the market today just makes it worse. The Tatt needs a cup of joe. Turn off the TV and computer and go enjoy a beautiful late summer afternoon in Ypsilanti before the politicos start ringing door bells