The land of fruits and nuts

The Tattler isn’t much into gambling. And she is even less into eating buffalo wings. Buffalo wings don’t come from Buffaloes.

So the Tatt wasn’t that upset when BW3 left the city for the Township.

But the Tattler’s feathers stood on end when a fellow tattler from the one true church whispered that a gambling hall is going into the old BW3/Huron Hotel at Pearl and N. Washington.

Members of the Methodist Church up the street thought the world had ended when liquor by the glass was approved by Ypsilanti voters in 1960’s. They said it would be the downfall of society and would lead to a den of iniquity in Ypsilanti.

It was with some irony that several years later, one of the attorneys that supported liquor by the glass, while walking on North Washington, was killed by a drunk driver leaving the Huron Hotel.

Who knew that 20 years later, the Deja Vu would take over the Martha Washington theater.

The members of the Ypsilanti Temperance League will be rolling over in the grave when they learn the Huron Hotel will next be home to a gambling hall licensed by the state of Michigan.

The Hall will be rented to non-profits and other civic groups for weekly poker tournaments and other games of chance. The hall is setup where it will share part of the take with the non-profit organization.

This is really a back door way to bring gambling into Ypsilanti.

Ironic that it is across the street from the AATA station and the Deja Vu. On one street, you can lose your paycheck, get drunk, get a new tattoo, watch a strip show, check your email, and then hop on the bus back to Ann Arbor. This is all part of the new vision for Ypsilanti.