The Tatt was able to get a bit part in the latest Ypsilanti movie, “Whip It!“. Watch for the Tatt during one of the bar scenes sitting next to the poker machine. Not enough to get a SAG card, but it will pay for coffee for the next two months.

During a break in filming the Tatt asked if they had decided where they were planning to host the premiere? The producers said they hadn’t decided.

So the Tatt made a pitch to do the premier at Eastern’s Pease Auditorium.

Speaking of pitch, Howell is looking at a $6 million boost from an upcoming film “High School” to be filmed in a vacant school. The Ann Arbor News reported:

The chance to host the filming, he said, appears to be an outgrowth of a visit community leaders made two months ago to the Michigan Film Office in Lansing, promoting Howell as a great place to make a movie.

The Tatt asked the Michigan Film Office if anyone from Ypsilanti had visited? Uh, no.

Did the film film office know about the nearly 1 million square feet of office and manufacturing space in Ypsilanti that would be available at the end of the year? Nope.

The ACH/Visteon site is perfect for a movie studio and sound stage as well as pre and post production offices, dining, catering, transportation, security, and storage. The location is fifteen minutes from Willow Run airport, 25 minutes from Metro airport, freeway access to I-94, I-275, and US-23 and nearly 30 acres available for outside sets.

The Film Office did tell the Tatt the mayor of Warren had been calling about their 1 million square foot tank facility and representatives from Wixom had been visiting as well about the soon to be closed Ford plant.

So how come no one from Ypsilanti or Spark is doing anything to market our fair city?

Ypsilanti even has an entire school that is vacant.

While there is a steady parade of officials from surrounding communities visiting the Michigan Film Office, no one from Ypsilanti has been calling.

But last week, Ypsilanti DDA director Brian Vosburg spent two hours judging a door decorating contest in the EMU dorms. Judging college dorm door art, are you serious? Meanwhile, the Howell DDA director is helping to secure the next million dollar picture deal.

Maybe Vosburg is scouting locations in Ypsilanti for the next edition of Girls Gone Wild, Dorm Room Fantasies.

Ms. Barrymore, I am ready for my close-up.