The Tattler is a big fan of the Riverside Arts Center located downtown on North Huron Street. The brood enjoys the Sunday matinees and afterwards we head over to the Rocket for a sugar fix.

Plus the views from the RAC can’t be beat sitting atop the building looking over the park and river.

Yet sometimes you have to sort of wonder who is really running the show down there. The RAC is having a big fundraiser for Oktoberfest with tickets costing $60 each. But guess where they are holding the event?

You would be wrong if you thought at the RAC. Guess again if you thought another downtown business. Oh no, they decided to have it at the Corner Brewery.

The Tatt likes the Corner though we don’t take the kids to brew pubs. The Tatt has even written about the Corner before. Matt and Rene have been great supporters of causes the Tatt believes in.

But the Corner Brewery is not Downtown and a fundraiser to support the RAC, especially one with beer and music, should be downtown.

Oh we heard, the RAC is backpedaling saying the Corner approached them first. Yet the Corner is not turning over all their revenue from the evening. The Corner will make money on beer and food sales beyond the two drinks your ticket buys.

The RAC got beat up earlier this year after a bruising ordeal over the $1/2 million in tax dollars going towards the elevator. RAC officials admitted they hadn’t been very good about getting involved in Downtown and they promised they would get more involved in downtown promotions and events.

So why couldn’t the RAC have held the Oktoberfest fundraiser at Pub 13, Club Divine, Tap Room, TC’s, Elbow Room, Haabs’, even Angel Food. They all have plenty of space for such an event. Pub13 has the largest selection of world beers in the area and would have been the perfect place for an Oktoberfest fundraiser for RAC.

Bill and Barry have shafted the downtown again with their clubhouse at the RAC. If they could move the RAC to Depot Town, they would have done it long ago. Bill was also involved in the Future of Ypsilanti conference that was held, wait for it …, in Ann Arbor.

So this isn’t the first time Downtown Ypsilanti has taken it in the shorts.

To Bill, Barry and the rest of the clan at the RAC, you want downtown business and tax money to support the RAC, then how about the RAC supporting downtown businesses. The RAC won’t even put a link on their web page for the downtown merchants association DAY.

The Tatt is pledging to spend all her money during the month of October in Downtown Ypsilanti. It won’t make up for what the RAC has done, but the RAC needs to understand where they get their funding. It isn’t on the East side of the Huron.

Maybe Bill and Barry will drop by one of our downtown pubs for a pint. If they do, the Tatt will buy the first round. But since no one has seen any of them downtown, except at Haab’s, for the past couple of years, the Tatt’s money is pretty safe.

If you too want to enjoy theater in downtown Ypsilanti, remember there is always Dreamland.