Ann Arbor News has flown the coop

Ann Arbor News has flown the coop and closes Ypsilanti office.

The Tattler loves reading newspapers. Thirty years ago, the Tatt subscribed to the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, the Ypsilanti Press, the Ann Arbor News, the Wall Street Journal, and would always get the Sunday New York Times (three days later).

Times have changed and so has the newspaper business.

The Tatt doesn’t subscribe to any papers today. She either reads them on-line or goes to the library. Apparently the Tatt is not alone. The Ann Arbor News has seen their subscriptions drop from over 100,000 to nearly 50,000.

That would explain why the Ann Arbor News has flown the coup and is closing their Ypsilanti office on Michigan Avenue. The ‘Snuz laid off a couple more staffers, won’t be hiring an Ypsilanti managing editor, and is moving the remaining staff to Ann Arbor.

The Ypsilanti Courier already moved to Belleville in 2006, so that leaves just two local Ypsilanti media outlets, the YpsiNews and the Eastern Echo.

Feeling a bit down on the current state of media in my hometown, a downtown tattler just popped into the coop and said don’t despair, a new media company is coming to town.

Headed up by two familiar reporters working for one of the aforementioned newspapers, they are launching a new media venture. Called the Ypsilanti Citizen, they are planning a launch sometime in October.

Somehow the Ypsilanti Citizen, YpsiNews, and the Ann Arbor Chronicle should figure out how to work together to make one great on-line local news service.

I wonder if the Citizen knows there is office space available on Michigan Avenue?