The Tatt was at the latest City Council meeting when westide city councilman Bill Nickels turned in his list of 10 properties with illegal couches on front porches. That Tatt has never been able to figure out over the last 4 years why Bill keeps going on and on about couches. Most are not even in his district but in the Tatt’s neighborhood. But he does.

Turns out Ypsi is not alone. Keene, New Hampshire has their very own couch police and a similarly bad mannered ordinance enforcement officer. While the Tatt has never seen video of Ypsi’s enforcement officer, the Tatt hears he is much like Keene’s.

Fortunately, no one can see our couch out on the parapet of the Water Tower, so we are safe. But if you see a silver haired chemistry teacher writing notes or a grouchy guy in a City pickup truck taking pictures of your couch, well you have been warned.