The Tattler doesn’t need to open carry a firearm, when you can strafe someone with an aerial poop pass, you pretty much win the battle every time. Yet the Tattler had to go to Ann Arbor on Sunday to see how the wing nuts and the gun nuts got along.

The picnic was really fun. Great smoked brats, home made pasta salad and perfect weather. The best part was all the moms and kids playing in the park, not realizing with some 50 armed citizens, they were at the safest play date ever.

As is always the case, someone called the cops to complain about citizens with guns. So about two hours after the event started, the Ann Arbor Police showed up. While the resulting photos were probably not the response the neighbor wanted, it showed how classy and respectful the Ann Arbor PD was to citizens not breaking the law and it made for a great event all around.

Attendees said that of all the places they have met, Ann Arbor was their favorite. Could Riverside Park be next year?

Someone had to hold the camera, so the Tatt volunteered.