Who is the Machurian Candidate in Ward 3?

The Tattler works hard to keep the Water Tower clean and makes sure it doesn’t get fouled by bad mannered guests. The stuff that gets slipped under the door can be pretty odoriferous. The Tattler can even get snookered by some of that stuff.

The dust up between Gawlas and Bodary on Ypsi’s westside never materialized, despite tattlers from all over the city chirping away that Mayor Cheryl Farmer was pushing Gawlas to run as a write in.

If YpsiNews can be trusted, Gawlas didn’t file as a write in for next weeks election. Now the Tatt can’t be sure who to trust in this election.

The campaign for Ypsilanti City Council on the Eastside in Ward 3 is getting weirder by the day. While there are three candidates the race really seems to be between Mike Eller and Pete Murdock.

Murdock is part of the old guard that is mad about how the city has been run for the last 12 years and the mess created by Farmer and Schreiber with the City Income Tax and the Water Street Fiasco.

Eller was also opposed to the City Income Tax and is no friend of Farmer too. Yet tattlers from the Eastside have been telling the feathered one that Cheryl and company have been helping Eller behind the scenes.

Farmer and Friends would rather see Eller on council than Murdock. Eller’s political party opposes women on the police force or in the military.

The husband of a former City Council member and long time friend of Farmer, Eric Walters, is publicly supporting Eller. Mark Namatevs, a former Democratic candidate for County Commission who was backed by Farmer and Schreiber, is an Eller supporter too.

Eller got himself in a bind this week when he filed his campaign report detailing the loan to his campaign from Populist Cleaners of $5,000. Only thing is in Michigan, a loan is considered a contribution and corporations can’t contribute to candidates. Strike One.

Eller is also claiming to be fiscally responsible but his campaign is in the red by over $3,000. Strike Two.

This isn’t his only brush with election law. Eller’s AFP party didn’t file campaign reports for two years with the state and Eller could potentially be hit with a $2,000 late filing fine. Strike Three.

Now the icky part.

A third candidate in Ward 3 is Ted Windish. The Tattler has only met Windish once and he seems like a nice enough guy. But according to another westside tattler, Windish apparently conducted his interview with one of the local media outlets in the, … I can’t say it … , in the nude.

Oh and I shook his wing, yuck.

Thankfully for the reporter, it was a phone interview. Windish gives a whole new meaning to transparency in government. I hope Windish doesn’t intend to show up naked at City Council meetings.

In Ward 3 you have three choices, recycle guy, crazy guy, or naked guy. I am voting for the first guy that brings me a yard sign and mounts it on the balcony of the Tower.

Actually the Tatt can’t vote in local elections. The Water Tower is not technically part of any ward. You see, all three wards intersect at the Water Tower. The City fathers couldn’t decide which ward should get the tower so the Water Tower is the only building in Ypsilanti not in any ward.

So the Tatt gets to vote for “No guy”.

Five days left, can the election get any weirder? The Tatt is still bothered by the thought of naked guy doing an interview, now she will never get back to sleep tonight.

See you Tuesday at the polls.