The Baltimore Colts and the Ann Arbor News, twins separated at birth

The Tattler first reported back in August the Ann Arbor News was looking at consolidating staff and newspapers. Well word came down yesterday the Ann Arbor News is moving production staff to Grand Rapids and offering buyouts for full-time employees. Former ‘Snuzer’s Jim Carty and Mary Morgan have more on the story.

The Tatt stopped by Beezy’s Cafe today and as she flew past the Ann Arbor News office in Ypsilanti, everything has been moved and the lights were out. The Tatt got some grief last month including two posts from inside ‘Snuz HQ saying the Tatt was tipsy and she didn’t have the facts correct regarding the closing of the Ypsi office.

John was sleeping in the doorway of the former News office in Ypsi, so some things haven’t changed.

Finally, downtown has a coffee bar that doesn’t bomb. The coffee at Beezy’s was fabulous, so expect the Tatt to be spending more time downtown. No worries, the Tatt still loves the Ugly Mug too!

However, the Tatt is a little worried, the Ugly’s website no longer works. Hmmm, Zack, did you pay the bill?