The Tattler and her family are proud to call Ypsilanti home. It warms our little feathered soul when we see other people not ashamed to say they are from Ypsilanti too.

Features a story from local commedienne Chrissy Burns

Features a story from local commedienne Chrissy Burns

Ypsilanti is home to a number of great artists and performers.

Fellow tattler Chrissy Burns is the only full time professional comic in Michigan and she calls Ypsilanti home. Chrissy has a chapter in the recent book I Killed: True Stories of the Road from America’s Top Comics.

With stories from Jay Leno and Chris Rock; Chrissy is in some pretty heady company. Then again, Chrissy was the only comic who actually had an audience member die. After the guy was hauled out, the promoters asked Chrissy to go ahead and do her show. Talk about pressure.

A new rising star is Ypsilanti comedian and actor Gordon Kangas. The Tatt has quietly watched Gordon grow up in the city and he attends school in Ypsilanti.

Gordon has always been a good story teller and his observational humor gets better and better.

If you get a chance to catch one of his shows, tell Gordon the Tatt says hi and that he should stop by the Water Tower sometime and catch-up.