Pizza Heaven

Pizza Heaven in Ypsilanti

The Tattler doesn’t spend all her time in the City of Ypsilanti.

The Tatt likes to get out and spread her wings every once in a while, though she rarely ever ventures west of the Water Tower. It just looks like trees over there, so why bother.

Besides, the Tatt prefers sunrises to sunsets.

When the Tatt takes to the friendly skies, she takes the brood to Maria’s Bakery for some pizza. Maria’s is near the corner of Rawsonville Road and Grove.

The pizza is killer. The dough is made from scratch daily. The sauce is made fresh from scratch. You can order thin or Chicago style. The ingredients are all fresh, never frozen. The Tatt wishes all party stores were this good.

Once you have tried the pizza, give the Meatball or the Spicy Italian Sub a try. The subs are a favorite with the little Tatts in the family. And don’t forget the desserts, yes she makes them fresh too. There is no place to sit, it is strictly take-out.

Maria’s has been there for 25 years, so if you haven’t been there, can you really call Ypsilanti home?

Maria’s also has the largest wine and liquor selection in the area and they just got in a supply of Chimay Blue, one of the Tatts all time favorite beers.

If you drop in, tell Maria and the gang, the Tattler said hi. She knows the Tatt, we are there almost every Tuesday night. So maybe we will see you there.