It was New Years Eve and the Tattler had planned to spend the evening ringing in the New Year at the Corner Brewery. Suddenly the Tatts phone rang about 7:30p, it was the Ypsilanti Fire Department. They had a mess on I-94 and asked the Tatt to come down and help out.

When the Tatt got there, it was a mess. A semi-truck had hit the bridge and sliced the back 15 feet off the trailer. Thousands of eggs had poured out across all three lanes and part of the east bound on-ramp. Hazmat crews were on the scene but nothing in the manual told them what to do with broken eggs on the roadway that were quickly freezing.

The Tatt told YFD they called the wrong tatt, they needed a chicken expert, and there was only one chicken man in town, Peter Thomason.

YFD didn’t want to call Peter, the city was suing Peter over his backyard chickens, they didn’t think he would help.

They didn’t know what other Tatts in Ypsilanti already knew, if you need help, you can always count on Peter.

Within minutes Tattler Thomason was on scene assessing the mess. State Police and Fire from Ypsi Township wanted to spread out salt. Peter told them that it would make them eggs taste better but it wouldn’t keep them from freezing. Peter tried to explain about proteins and water solutions, but they weren’t listening. After an hour they had a salty but still frozen mess.

One lane was open but the going was slow and cars entering the freeway from the Huron Street on-ramp were sliding through the egg mess.

Peter worked with the tow operator as well as experts from the County Road Commission and Ypsilanti DPW, yes the Tatt knows they are now called the department of public service (DPS) now but that is a dumb name. Pittsfield calls their police and fire department DPS for department of public safety.

Peter had come up with a brilliant solution. Use sand. Sand will bind with the egg protein and water on the road and they can scrape it up with a grader or front end loader.

By 1 am, the roadway was cleaned and all three lanes were back open.

A tip of the beak to Peter and his quick thinking and hats off to Ypsi Fire and DPW for cleaning up the egg mess.

The unfortunate part of this story is of all of the egg jokes media outlets tried to make out of this story.

Ann Arbor News said “State troopers and road crews had to scramble“.  The punsters at WTVC in Tennessee couldn’t resist. Their headline “Egg-scruciating“.

Grand Forks North Dakota, “SCRAMBLED TRAFFIC: Egg truck crash spills load on busy Detroit-area interstate“. Chicago Tribune, “Crack team of state troopers responds to wreck of egg truck“.

Even the Tehran Times in Iran had the scrambled story from the AP wire.

KFVS in Kansas City, MO wrote “State troopers in Michigan say it was not an egg-zemplary bit of driving.” No one from the Michigan State Police said this to any reporter. No reporter was seen at the crash site.

The worst was Flint’s own ABC12 which repeated the often used “Eggs-scruciating” headline.

The egg story was under the headline Bizarre News-Portland Mayor where they noted that Portland, Oregon is the largest city with an openly gay mayor. Really, being openly gay and mayor is bizarre?

The Mayor of Flint, ex-con Don Williamson, orders the arrest of a newspaper carrier delivering newspapers to city hall in 2004. Flint City Council settled out of court to pay the carrier $150,000. Now that’s bizarre.