The Tattler doesn’t get out of town much, it has been too cold to fly. So the Tatt decided to join some FAC friends at the Ann Arbor Marriott, which is actually in Ypsilanti Township, for lunch.

Who did she spy over in the corner was Ypsilanti City Councilmen Pete Murdock and Brian Robb talking with lobbyist Kirk Profit and Washtenaw County Commissioner Ronnie Peterson. In walks the entire leadership from Ypsilanti Township our very own Bo, Doe, and Roe. Karen Lovejoy Roe, Brenda Stumbo, Larry Doe, Doug Winters, and Denny McClain all sit down at the very next table.

Note: The Tatt would have linked to the Townships website but it still has Ruth Ann Jamnick as Supervisor. Hey Brenda, Obama had his new website up at 12:01p. Get going girl.

The Tatt kept returning to the salad bar to see if there were any secret handshakes, but all she could hear was fire chief sheriff lawsuit stumboville baseball … budget stimulus.

If the Tatt tried to get any closer, she might have been found out. Next time the Tatt will arrive earlier to get a better seat.

Perhaps in a hundred years there will be a marker placed at this very location to celebrate the first meeting that led to the merger of the City and Township. Or it could be the site where blood was first spilled.