Your techno Tattler is looking forward to a little Halo 3 tournament this weekend in Ypsilanti.

The Tatt was able to secure one of the coveted 600 spots at this weekends tournament held on EMU’s campus.

Lurkers can watch for free. All proceeds go to charity so come out and say hi. Your favorite feathered warrior will be wearing black.

Mlive says they are going to broadcast live from the event. The Tatt doesn’t believe it. Outside of the idiots at YpsiNews, the Tatt has never seen anyone video a meeting for longer than two hours.

The event starts at 2pm Friday and runs non-stop till 10am Sunday morning. There is a reason why Red Bull is a title sponsor for this 42-hours non-stop event, it is all about endurance. First prize in Halo 3, a cool $1,000. Game on.