The Tattler got a tweet. “Check out Google Streets. Is that you?”, the east side tatt asked.

Oh no, could the Tattler be exposed again?

This isn’t the first time the Tattler has been found out. A movie trade magazine outed the Tatt in 2008.

The Tatt remembers when the red Google van was in town last summer. The Ypsilanti Police pulled the Google van over and wanted to know what they were doing and did they have a permit. You can’t make this stuff up.

Flying Google streets, the Tatt wanted to see for herself.

It is true. The Tatt has been outed again, this time crossing the street. Thankfully, Google used their Google goggles and blurred the face, but the shoes fit, so the Tatt can’t acquit.

See if you can find where else they applied the Google blur filter. Strangely the A-frame sign at Roaches on Michigan Avenue is blurred but only one side, not the back side. The sign with the hours on the Episcopal Church on North Huron is looking a little fuzzy too.

The car parked on the sidewalk near the Plasma center is a hoot and so is the woman talking on the cell phone in the black truck as she blasts up Cross. The best part was the reminder of $3.80 gas and $4.29 for diesel. Ouch.

Good thing this Tatt is worm powered. Hey, let’s be careful out there.