The Tattler has been up in the coop on the Water Tower since the early 70’s and no one has paid much attention. So it is with great fascination as the Tatt watches the City sue Ypsilanti’s very own Birdman of Alcatraz Peter Thomason over his chickens.

The Tatt would like to remind the anti-feather crowd; Pigeons are legal in Ypsilanti under Michigan State law.

The city cannot pass any laws which restrict or outlaw pigeon coops. The city can regulate the pigeon coop to make sure that it adheres to local building codes, but that’s it.

If you can have 40 pigeons in the city, why not have 40 chickens?

Think of it as today’s version of 40 acres and a mule.

The City’s motto is Pride, Diversity, and Heritage. Having birds is diversity too and when it comes to heritage, has anyone actually read the plaque at the bottom of the Water Tower. It was paid for in part by a tax on cows in the city.

After numerous complaints about ordinance enforcement, the city attorney told the city council last year the city cannot peer over a privacy fence to determine if someone is violating an ordinance without a warrant.

So the Tatt’s advice to the Ypsi Birdman is call them pigeons, put up a 6 foot high fence all around your property, make sure you get a permit, and let sleeping dogs lie.