Passing American Flag in Parade

Passing American Flag in Parade

The Tattler had been up north for most of spring. Mackinac Island is beautiful this time of year and with no tourists she had the island mostly to herself. The Tatt got in last night so she could attend the Ypsilanti Memorial Day parade and the official kick off of summer.

Remember last 4th of July, the Tattler wondered why the Ypsilanti High School Marching band didn’t have a U.S. or State of Michigan Flag at the front of the band.

Dang it if once again Ypsilanti High, Lincoln High and East Middle School did not have a U.S. flag. Are they ashamed to carry a U.S. Flag in the Memorial Day Parade?

This is the third time these schools have refused to carry a U.S. Flag in the parade.

Ypsilanti’s West Middle School was the only band to have a U.S. Flag. Good for them, the Tatt will be sending over a donation to help support the band and music program.

Several years ago, an Ypsilanti Attorney bought the Ypsilanti High School band a U.S. Flag and then Michigan Senator Alma Wheeler Smith donated a State of Michigan Flag as well. The High School carried the flags in one parade and then they disappeared.

We are remembering our veterans and military on Memorial Day. The least the schools could do is carry a flag in the parade.

It is time for Tattlers to take action and let’s make sure that all of the bands have U.S. Flags for the 4th of July Parade. Hey if the Tatt was Oprah, we could get 1,000’s of callers, but we can make a difference with just two. Here is who you can call.

Lincoln High School Principal Derrick Coleman (734)-484-7060
Ypsilanti High School Principal Jonathan Brown (734) 714-1002
East Middle School Principal Candice Churchwell (734) 714-1400

Ypsilanti School Superintendent Jim Hawkins (734) 714-1218
Director of Public Relations Emma Jackson (734) 714-1202

And please call Principal Monica Merritt (734) 714-1300 at West Middle School to thank her and the entire band for proudly carrying a U.S. Flag in this years Memorial Day Parade.