A Township tattler and former tenant sent the following tales about Ypsilanti’s newest absentee landlord and favorite blog pinata, Stewart Beal.

Dear Ms. Tattler, Did you know:

Many of Beal’s Ypsilanti properties do not have C of O’s and are illegally occupied.

Building permits were not pulled for the actual work done.

Single family homes including two in the historic district were cut up into multi-unit apartments without zoning approval.

When city inspectors show up, employees are told to open hallway doors so it looks like a single family unit.

After the inspectors leave, the hall doors are again locked to divide the units. Tenants do not have keys, only employees have keys to the locked hallway doors.

The company that owns the fence surrounding the burned out Thompson building came to repo their fence. Beal told the company he has cash flow problems and isn’t paying anyone.

When you find out what has been happening these past two years, Beal starts looking less and less like the Savior of Ypsilanti and more and more like “Kircher with a Tie“.

Y-Town Tattler

Dear Y-Town,

The Tatt thinks Beal is taking a page out of the Loren Romain school of Property Management.

The Ypsi Tattler