The Tatt got a frantic call at the Water Tower this week. It was from blog pinata Stewart Beal. Ms. Tatt figures Beal doesn’t read the Tattler, at least not recently.

Tatt: Hello?

Beal: What are you doing Wednesday?

Tatt: Ms. Tatt has a feather fluff scheduled at 11 West. Why?

Beal: We need your support to keep Paul Schreiber as Mayor.

Tatt: You know the Tatt can’t vote in the city, right?

Beal: Doesn’t matter, come to the fundraiser at Frenchie’s on Wednesday. I am endorsing Paul, we need him on council.

Tatt: If you insist.

Beal: I insist, I will bring you an invitation

Tatt: OK, bye…

Fellow Tattlers, you heard it here first. Stewart Beal is endordsing Paul Schreiber for Mayor of Ypsilanti.

This makes it the second owner of the Thompson Block to endorse Paul. Last week Dave Kircher sent a Prison Bird Gram to the Tatt saying he was endorsing Paul too.

“Dave, you can’t vote in the election”, typed the Tatt.

“Doesn’t matter”, replied Kircher. “Paul is my kind of mayor.”

True his word, the Tatt got her official bird yellow invitation from Beal so she will be at Frenchies tonight. You can’t miss her, she will be the one with the glasses and the new pompadour.