Miss Tatt has made no secret, she really likes the Ugly Mug and if she isn’t hanging out at the coop you can find her sipping a cup at the Ugly.

The Tatt may have to start looking for a new place for her fix.

Turns out Zak Rye from the Ugly was recently busted in downtown Ypsilanti for his late night graffiti work. Zak’s mom told him he couldn’t user her building for his early morning art projects, she owns the Ugly, so Zak decided to do his beautification downtown.

Zak was apparently chased down by an early morning watchdog who heard the rattling paint cans around 3am.  As the Downtown Doberman was closing in on Zak, Zak was screaming he had permission.

Zak is a bar fly at the Elbow Room and kept telling police he had permission from Andy Garris, owner of the Elbow Room, to do the graffiti.

Zakky, you were writing graffiti on the Thrift Shop. Andy G. doesn’t own that building.

Oh Zak, first you got bounced from the DDA by Mayor Schreiber and now you have to do community service in the DDA and write an apology letter.

With the Ugly out, The Tatt is looking for a new coffee house to call home.

Bombadill’s downtown could be a hot spot.

Big changes are coming to the Bomb. Peter Rineheart is apparently leaving as the Bomb is being sold. According to a westside tattler,  the building owner and landlord is taking over the business to settle some debt. No word yet who is the new manager. If you know more, shoot the Tatt a tip.

The Tatt is looking for a new hang out. Where should she go for her next cup of Joe?