The Tatt went over to Bombadill’s for a cup of Joe but they were closed for remodeling. So she decided to stop by the Ypsilanti library to read this months Audubon Magazine, she only reads it for the articles.

“Pssst”, came a hushed voice from behind the fountain. It was a faithful Depot Town tattler who said, “Tatt, Stewart Beal is at it again.”

Now what!

The Thompson tattler tweeted on Tuesday, crews from Beal Co. were dumping loads of brick and trash on the property next to the Thompson building. Problem is Beal doesn’t own the property he was using as a dump site.

So the Tattler did a little aerial reconnaissance and the Depot Town tattler was telling no tales. The Beal Team had dumped loads of bricks from a Detroit area demo job on the property still owned by Beal’s protégé and current resident of Coldwater State Prison, Dave Kircher.

The Tattler also noticed something else was amiss. All the orange barrels and barricades around the Thompson Block were missing. Poco, the company renting the barricades and signs to Beal, apparently learned from the fence rental company, the Ypsi way to repo property. At night.

A couple of months ago, Beal’s fence contractor tried to repossess the fence for non-payment but was stopped by the City Fire Chief. So Poco snuck in during the night and repo’d all their signs and barricades after Beal had fallen behind on his payments. Beal now has two orange barrels out, a third is in the dumpster. City Hall is frothing over this latest fiasco and Beal’s mom, she is a partner in the Thompson Block and the family attorney, brushed by the Tatt muttering no comment.

Still, Beal got some good news this year. Seems the Washtenaw Contractors Association knows quality when they see it. WCA awarded Beal and the Thomspon Block their 2010 Pyramid Award for Best use of Pixy Stix.

The Tatt hasn’t been able to get her caffeine dosing quite right since Ugly-gate so maybe the tatts out there can explain this to her. The WCA awards are sponsored by a number of Unions in the area including Laborers 499, Bricklayers 9, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters, and Plumbers and Pipefitters 190, yet isn’t Beal a non-union shop and pretty much anti-union?

Still, the Tatt doesn’t really see the Pyramid thing. Maybe she needs to squint harder.

Now tired of flying and trying to keep out of the rain, the Tatt was back at the Tower when a couple of the revelers stopped by after a downtown party at Savoy. The tipsy tatts said, since the Elbow Room is closed, Andy Garris was close to signing a lease with Beal for a new bar at the Thompson Block with plans to open by the end of the year. The Tatt thinks they may have been drinking a little too much Taittinger.

Beal’s new tenant may be spending some time in court with the none-too-happy owner of the Elbow Room after she read about the Elbow’s farewell party last weekend. Maybe Beal can get Andy G. the family rate for pre-paid legal services.

That Tatt is going to fluff the nest on the perch and bed down to watch season 1 of the bar and restaurant classic, Tattingers. Got a tip for the Tatt , tape it to the tower door or send a teletype.