What numskull decided the Ypsilanti 4th of July Parade should be on the 3rd? Oh wait, that would be the Ypsilanti Jaycees who said it was “policy” to not have the 4th of July Parade on a Sunday.

As the Tatt foretold, some 200 tatts showed up on Sunday, the 4th of July, looking for the 4th of July parade. The Tatt tried to console the little tatts hoping to see a parade while parents fumed they came to Ypsilanti rather than Ann Arbor which held their own 4th of July Parade on the 4th of July.

Attendance was terrible for this year’s Ypsi parade, some estimating the crowd was down 50%. Depot Town tattlers said attendance was grim with huge gaps and no wonder, even the organizers weren’t sure of the date of the parade.

A city hall tattler said the Jaycees sent the city an email two weeks before the parade announcing the parade was on the 4th. Then sent another email saying, ignore first email, the parade is the 3rd.

David Bates and the Ypsilanti School board marched in the parade handing out boomerangs.

Little knowing, boomerangs are a weapon and if you bring a boomerang to school you would be expelled for violating the YHS zero tolerance weapons policy.

The Ypsilanti High School Band did show up on July 3rd to march in the parade. The YHS Band should have stayed home.

The Tatt leaned out the port-hole on the Tower to see if the YHS Band were marching with a U.S. Flag, they were not.

Why is it on our Nations Birthday, Ypsilanti High is apparently ashamed to carry our nations flag in a parade?

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