Stevie Soul turned the Tatt onto a video from Johnny Knoxville called Detroit Lives. Ypsi is like a microcosm of Detroit. Ypsi wants to be cool, but instead of cool, Ypsi is a community of tall beers and long memories.

If JK came to Ypsi instead of saying yeah baby, Ypsi would blog and complain about how he ate at the Burger King or Olive Garden and then bask in their smugness how Ypsi is superior to Ann Arbor.

It’s Ypsi against the world, not Ypsi on Ypsi.

Someone will bitch saying JK and Palladium are trying to sell boots. Get over it, making money isn’t evil. If you ain’t making money, you’re sucking off the tit of someone else.  Just saying.

Detroit Lives