Miss Tatt has been getting ready for Winter for weeks now. Closing up the windows on the tower, turning over the garden, and bringing in the parapet roosts.

She also has been doing some canning of her favorite desert, Michigan Cherry Marmalade. That on some fresh bread from the Ypsilanti Food Co-op and that Tatt is in heaven.

The Tatt attended the canning lectures at the Ypsilanti Downtown Market. It was great to see so many young couples learning about canning and drying foods.

The Tatt wanted to pass along her favorite tip. Reusable canning lids. While the rings and jars are re-usable the canning lids are not. Well they are now thanks to the Tattler Lids.

Here is a website that with instructions on how to use the lids.

Miss Tatt started using the lids this year so she can’t give you any long term report but so far, Miss Tatt is pleased.