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Your techno Tattler is looking forward to a little Halo 3 tournament this weekend in Ypsilanti.

The Tatt was able to secure one of the coveted 600 spots at this weekends tournament held on EMU’s campus.

Lurkers can watch for free. All proceeds go to charity so come out and say hi. Your favorite feathered warrior will be wearing black.

Mlive says they are going to broadcast live from the event. The Tatt doesn’t believe it. Outside of the idiots at YpsiNews, the Tatt has never seen anyone video a meeting for longer than two hours.

The event starts at 2pm Friday and runs non-stop till 10am Sunday morning. There is a reason why Red Bull is a title sponsor for this 42-hours non-stop event, it is all about endurance. First prize in Halo 3, a cool $1,000. Game on.

Traffic Study Tower

If you want to under report a traffic study, schedule it during the winter and better still when students are gone. The Tattler wasn’t surprised to learn EMU Facilities has announced they are doing a traffic traffic study for Oakwood and Washtenaw and Oakwood and Huron River Drive from February 16 to March 30.

Eastern Michigan University says they are studying cars as well as bicycles and pedestrians. The Tatt has been up on the Water Tower for nearly 40 years. There are a fewer people walking and biking past the tower during the winter.

The Tatt then checked the schedule and sure enough EMU’s Winter break is from February 23 to March 1, right in the middle of their study.

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Boy that didn’t take to long for the Tattler to be found out.

While we are dishing secrets, the Tattler is expecting a new baby in February and if we can ever sell our place in Detroit, we promise to bring the whole brood to Ypsilanti. Not exactly. Rember the 5% rule.

In the mean time, you can still reach the Tatt at the Water Tower.

Can't Catch a Break

The Tattler was rolling out of the nest this morning and scraping off the frost from the port hole on the Water Tower. Wow, it was cold last night.

I signed on to our favorite Wireless service to check email. A fellow tattler sent us a press release announcing an alternative energy conference to be held at EMU’s Convocation Center.

Yet EMU students are not eligible for the free tickets, the free tickets are only for MSU, U-M, and Wayne State students.

The event is sponsored by Michigan Business Review.

Michigan Business Review also put on a conference in August called “The Future of Ypsilanti”. The conference was held, wait for it, in Ann Arbor

Here is what the email said:

Michigan Business Review Innovation: The Business of Green 9.17

a day-long event bringing together Michigan’s most innovative companies utilizing and supplying alternative energy.

Keynote speaker (12 noon) Thomas Friedman.

Friedman “will outline an emerging agenda that will make “green power the next great global industry…. Friedman’s No. 1 bestseller “The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century” changed the national discussion on the opportunities and challenges of a global economy. His newest book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution — and How it Can Renew America” is the focus of his address, organized by the Washtenaw Economic Club, the Michigan Business Review and Michigan’s University Research Corridor (URC), as energy has become one of the top election year issues.”


• A limited block of 1,000 free tickets (for the Thomas Friedman speech only) are available to MSU, U-M and WSU students, faculty and staff by calling (734) 763-5554 or at the Michigan Union Ticket Office. University ID required (limit two tickets per person)
• Tickets to the general public are $30
• Premium business tickets (including lunch and premium seating) are $120. For more information, contact Ashley Robinson, (734) 302-1726 or Karen Koziel, (734) 302-1719