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Your techno Tattler is looking forward to a little Halo 3 tournament this weekend in Ypsilanti.

The Tatt was able to secure one of the coveted 600 spots at this weekends tournament held on EMU’s campus.

Lurkers can watch for free. All proceeds go to charity so come out and say hi. Your favorite feathered warrior will be wearing black.

Mlive says they are going to broadcast live from the event. The Tatt doesn’t believe it. Outside of the idiots at YpsiNews, the Tatt has never seen anyone video a meeting for longer than two hours.

The event starts at 2pm Friday and runs non-stop till 10am Sunday morning. There is a reason why Red Bull is a title sponsor for this 42-hours non-stop event, it is all about endurance. First prize in Halo 3, a cool $1,000. Game on.

Traffic Study Tower

If you want to under report a traffic study, schedule it during the winter and better still when students are gone. The Tattler wasn’t surprised to learn EMU Facilities has announced they are doing a traffic traffic study for Oakwood and Washtenaw and Oakwood and Huron River Drive from February 16 to March 30.

Eastern Michigan University says they are studying cars as well as bicycles and pedestrians. The Tatt has been up on the Water Tower for nearly 40 years. There are a fewer people walking and biking past the tower during the winter.

The Tatt then checked the schedule and sure enough EMU’s Winter break is from February 23 to March 1, right in the middle of their study.

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The come to Ypsi Jan 22, 2009

The Killers come to Ypsi Jan 22, 2009

One of the Tattlers favorite bands, the Killers, is coming to Ypsilanti Jan 22, 2009 to EMU.

If anyone wants to slip the Tatt some tickets under the door, I promise to behave.

The Tatt got some grief when she wrote the Ann Arbor News was bailing on Ypsi. Interestingly, one of the tatt’s was an anonymous posting from the Ann Arbor News saying the Tatt got the story wrong.

Surprise! The ‘Snuz announced yesterday what readers of the Tattler have known for over three weeks, they are out of here.

Ah, the joys of public parking!

Ah, the joys of public parking!

Parking problems have eased a little over at EMU since student enrollment is down and so is the demand for parking permits. Fewer and fewer students are parking on the grass next to the water tower so our brood of teenage driving tattlers here at the tower can park closer to home.

A parking tattler at EMU tells the winged-warrior that Mayor Paul Schreiber and DDA Dictator Brian “I can’t stay late” Vosburg have a secret plan for parking downtown.

Vosburg has been complaining about the parking study that was done by local resident Kevin Hill saying they need a professional parking study.

Vosburg told our Eagle tatt he wanted parking meters in all the downtown lots including the EMU lot north of the bus terminal. Vosburg and the Mayor went on to say they need parking meter revenue so the DDA has more money for special projects.

Their plan is to model the parking revenue program after the multi-million dollar per year revenue cash cow in Ann Arbor. During the Monday morning public radio beg-a-thon on WEMU, in between breaks Schreiber and Ann Arbor DDA Director Susan Pollay were sharing tips about increasing parking revenue.

When they came out from the WEMU studios, The two cars next to Schreibers car had parking tickets, the mayor’s car did not. Apparently the parking officers recognized the Mayor’s golden Impala.

The Tattler may have to start subscribing to the Toledo Free Press. This is too funny.

The worst part? I can’t make any goddamn EMU jokes for at least, like, a year. Matt Sussman

The worst part? I can’t make any goddamn EMU jokes for at least, like, a year. Matt Sussman

Futon Report

BGSU’s loss to EMU requires comic penance

Written by Matt Sussman

The real tragedy in having one’s heart embedded in a football team who loses to an inferior football team hurts way beyond the box score.

Case in point: Bowling Green invited fans and alumni on Oct. 4 to Doyt Perry Stadium for a rousing win against traditionally pathetic Eastern Michigan, only to pull back the curtain and reveal a 24-21 loss to EMU. It was a loss so shocking, I was waiting for the ghost of Allen Funt to appear on the JumboTron and ask the crowd to smile for “Candid Camera.”

Sure, losing a game when one’s team is favored by 20-something points is embarrassing, especially when penalties and poor execution killed the Falcons’ chances to put the game away time after time. But what hurts worse is what a joke spinner like myself is no longer allowed to say for the next calendar year. Remember all those extremely easy — and funny — Eastern Michigan jokes I conjured up? I can’t make those anymore. Therein lays the real loss.

Now the Eagles have a bit of confidence as the season progresses, and what if, heaven forbid, they are actually halfway competitive this year? The cosmic imbalance in the Mid-American Conference would be in dire need of a pulley system strong enough to right the ship. For if I — nay, nobody — has room to poke fun at the Eagles then one of the great traditions of college football will fall by the wayside.

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