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Traffic Study Tower

If you want to under report a traffic study, schedule it during the winter and better still when students are gone. The Tattler wasn’t surprised to learn EMU Facilities has announced they are doing a traffic traffic study for Oakwood and Washtenaw and Oakwood and Huron River Drive from February 16 to March 30.

Eastern Michigan University says they are studying cars as well as bicycles and pedestrians. The Tatt has been up on the Water Tower for nearly 40 years. There are a fewer people walking and biking past the tower during the winter.

The Tatt then checked the schedule and sure enough EMU’s Winter break is from February 23 to March 1, right in the middle of their study.

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cop-eating-doughnutThe email popped up and the Tattler was all ears. The headline screamed:

Clayton Sheriff Fires 14

Oh gosh, was Jerry Clayton already cleaning house. Oh far from it. The new Sheriff in Clayton County Georgia was cleaning house.

The Tatt’s Google News search looks for any articles with Clayton and Sheriff.

Who knew there was a Clayton County or that they had a Sheriff’s department far more dysfunctional than Washtenaw.