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water-streetThe Ypsilanti Water Street Project began in 1999 as the City of Ypsilanti accumulated properties over 38 acres between Park St. and Huron St. south of Michigan Ave. A grandiose development plan to include a housing – retail – town square was hoped for with two developers backing away from the project in both 2004 and 2006.

Since only a Family Dollar Store has opened while a much-discussed recreation center and a controversial 76 unit affordable housing complex are still somewhere in the planning stages.
With nothing 100% certain, the City remains receptive to realistic Water Street development overtures. Following are the latest Water Street developments as of April 1st.

Retail developer Buck Szaplenti has announced signed letters of intent from the nation’s biggest discount retailers. Dollar Tree, Dollar General, the 99 Cents Stores based in California and Jack’s Dollar Store out of New York are all committed to join the already existing Family Dollar Store on Ypsilanti’s Water Street Project.

Tentatively named The Washingtons Plaza, this will be the country’s first Dollar Store Mall. Watching carefully are industry experts who predict that the competition could result in prices per item dropping below 90 cents.

“This is a great day for Ypsilanti”, said current City Council member and lifelong Ypsilanti Mayoral candidate Pete Murdock.

– Tweeting from its St. Louis home, the World Bird Sanctuary has announced the construction of the Ypsilanti City Bird Sanctuary on the City’s Water Street Project property south of Michigan Ave. at River St.

Plans will include a walk through aviary with songbirds, hummingbirds, finches, sparrows and many other smaller species. Also, on display will be woodpeckers, storks and other birds native to Michigan in addition to live displays of bald eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, cockatoos and other exotic birds.

“We’ll believe it when we see it,” said the parrots.

– Exciting news for serious wine aficionados and wine – abees throughout Washtenaw County is that Ypsilanti will have its own winery and vineyards by the end of 2017.

The Bella Bella (B2) Winery of Berrien Springs, Michigan has purchased the remaining 36 acres of Ypsilanti’s Water Street Project property for the development of the Chateau de’ Ypsilanti Vineyards and Winery.

Thanks to a mild winter, 32 acres of red and white grape vines have already been planted in anticipation of a late summer inaugural harvest. Also to be built on the property will be a six bedroom farmhouse with a huge dining room and chef’s kitchen, furnished balconies overlooking the vineyards, a custom tasting room in the cellar and many other desirable amenities.

The Chateau de’ Ypsilanti will produce primarily mid-priced white wines to include Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blanc, and reds to include Cabernets and an award-winning Sauvignon Blanc.

“Once each year”, said the owner and head winemaker Jerry Boam, “we will produce our Grand Cru, a Greek Makedonikos in tribute to Ypsi’s namesake General Demitrious Ypsilanti.”

When asked what will make Chateau de’ Ypsilanti wines stand out from the rest, Boam said, “It’s the Ypsilanti Water Street soil that we believe will give our wines their distinctive taste.”

Other Water Street proposals submitted to the City on April 1st include:

Ypsilanti Dog Park – In dog time, it would take seven years to build.

Ypsilanti City Campgrounds – A tent area, 12 cabins, a man-made lake, and a Dairy Queen right across the street.

The Ypsilanti Amusement Park – Included will be the Water Street Roller Coaster, the Michigan Ave. Bumper Cars, The City Council Carousel, and the sure to be popular Water Tower Tunnel of Love.


The stuff that gets slipped under the door here at the Water Tower can be pretty funny. Though this Tatt thinks this is a rip of a cartoon from somewhere else.

From an Eastside tattler, we got this Dilbert Cartoon this morning with our morning cup of Joe. Sure glad the espresso machine is back working at the Ugly. The Tatt was starting to get unhappy and she has learned to not fly mad.

That Tattler was up to his usual mischievousness this morning when under the coop door slid a copy of the New York Times about baseball in Reno, Nevada. Before I could get to the door, the tattler from the east had fled the coop.

The Reno plan sounds remarkably similar to what some have envisioned for Ypsilanti’s Water Street Project. The Tatt would get season tickets for the whole family if they built a stadium at Water Street.

Here is the complete story.

Stuart Katzoff, the developer of Reno’s new baseball stadium, poses near home plate. The park will open in April 2009.

Stuart Katzoff, the developer of Reno’s new baseball stadium, poses near home plate. The park will open in April 2009.

September 24, 2008

A Ballpark Is Rising Where the Trains Once Whistled Through Reno, Nev.

RENO, Nev. — A 10,000-seat minor-league baseball stadium is to start rising next month as the first part of a $231 million sports and entertainment district that is expected to transform this city’s abandoned railyards. Stretching over an eight-acre site near the Truckee River, the project is intended to bring new commercial life to Reno’s faded downtown.

Set for completion in April, in time for the 2009 season, the ballpark will be the home of the Triple-A baseball franchise formerly known as the Tucson Sidewinders. The new name of the team, a farm club of the Arizona Diamondbacks, will be the Reno Aces.

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The Tattler slept in late after a long night at Ypsilanti City Council watching the Water Street Update. There wasn’t much to update, they don’t have a plan, they don’t have any buyers, but they want to sell the land for between $7 and $11 million.

According to the City they have about $22 million invested but outsiders say the number is closer to $30 million. Either way they are a little short.

Maybe the Feds will bail out Ypsi if the City could find a way to rack up another $100 billion in debt.

Conspicuously absent from the proceedings was Mayor Cheryl Farmer, Barry, Gary, Mary, Jane, Rod, and all the other doe-eyed dreamers that stuck Ypsi for the Water Street bill.

Depressed, I crawled into the nest and took the phone off the hook.

Feeling a little better this morning, I walked over to the Ugly Mug, the Tattler doesn’t fly early in the morning too many people could get hurt, and logged in to catch up on the local news.

The Eastern Echo is sporting a new look. The new website has been up for a little over a week and it is a major improvement. Articles are easier to find and it just looks better.

We also noticed the launch of a new Website, the Ann Arbor Chronicle. The Chronicle is the brain child of Mary Morgan and Dave Askins. Morgan was the Op-Ed editor at the Ann Arbor News and left rather abruptly about a month ago. Dave is Morgan’s husband and founder of the famous teeter-totter website Homeless Dave.

The Tatt was impressed with the content at the Chronicle. Lots of pictures and detailed stories that you would expect from the dynamic journalist team. The Tatt is glad to see Morgan has landed on her feet and wishes them both the best.

Ann Arbor News rips off local magazine

Ann Arbor News rips off local magazine

emYOU! the Magazine

emYOU! the Magazine did it first

The Ann Arbor News is up to their old tricks. First, the ‘Snuz is ripping off local publisher and entrepreneur Bilal Saeed.

Saeed publishes the local monthly magazine emYOU! the Magazine. The News just published an insert called EMU & YOU. Even the fonts are similar.

Then if you want to send the ‘Snuz an Ypsi tip, their email address is Not to be confused with

The Chronicle is an ambitious project much like what Steve Pierce is doing with YpsiNews and Saeed and emYOU!. Add into the mix the Eastern Echo and the Ypsilanti Courier and you get local reporters, reporting local stories.

It is good to see them give the Ann Arbor News a run for their money.

The Tatt is feeling pretty good about media affairs in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti and the caffiene fix is kicking in.

Water Street seems to be a distant memory. It is going to be a good day.