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Stevie Soul turned the Tatt onto a video from Johnny Knoxville called Detroit Lives. Ypsi is like a microcosm of Detroit. Ypsi wants to be cool, but instead of cool, Ypsi is a community of tall beers and long memories.

If JK came to Ypsi instead of saying yeah baby, Ypsi would blog and complain about how he ate at the Burger King or Olive Garden and then bask in their smugness how Ypsi is superior to Ann Arbor.

It’s Ypsi against the world, not Ypsi on Ypsi.

Someone will bitch saying JK and Palladium are trying to sell boots. Get over it, making money isn’t evil. If you ain’t making money, you’re sucking off the tit of someone else.  Just saying.

Detroit Lives

The phone on the Water Tower was ringing off the hook this week with Depot Town tattlers calling in the latest Beal news.

Seems the Beals had a court date on Wednesday, so Beal Co. had employees scurrying around on Monday and Tuesday looking busy at the Thompson Block just in case the judge drove by.

Stewart Beal was absent, but Papa Beal was there all day.

This is the first time in months the Beal crew has been working on the Thompson building.

Nothing like a court hearing to get Beal motivated to work on the building or maybe the Beal’s are getting ready to hibernate for the winter.

Part of the Thompson Block back wall collapsed this week sending the workers scurrying. It seems several support beams were moved by the workers just before the collapse.

Some of the workers were taking a break and sitting in the shade by the Depot, so the Tatt stopped by to share some homemade soup and tortillas. The Tatt’s wintering with the Swallows of Capistrano in Goya paid off as the laborers didn’t speak much English. They told the Tattling chismosa they were working for cash.

“Are you from Ypsi?” asked the Tatt.

“No, Señora Tatt.”

“How did you get here?”

They said they were brought to Ypsi in a truck; handed helmets and gloves and told to stack bricks.

Beal’s original agreement with the City says Beal is to pay all employees working on the Thompson Block a living wage. Beal apparently uses a different scale to determine a living wage. If you are living and you get paid, it is a living wage.

No busy bears are needed here on the Tower, the Tatt’s nest is just right.

Got a tip for the Tatt? Put it in a roll of fresh baked tortillas and toss it on the Tower steps.

First it was the Ypsilanti Schools refusing to march in the parade with an American Flag, except for West Middle School.

Now the American Legion and the Ypsilanti Jaycees saw fit to have the Ypsilanti 4th of July Parade not on the 4th of July, when you sort of expect it.

Oh no, they decided it would be better to have it on Saturday, July 3rd. They claim some sort of folderol about it colliding with church service on Sunday.

Oh good grief, now we have the separation of church and state for our national holiday.

The Tatt loves an Ypsilanti parade, especially the 4th of July now that it comes right by the Water Tower.

The Ypsilanti 4th of July Parade is in its 81st year and is the second oldest 4th of July Parade in Michigan. This is not the 3rd of July Parade.

Our nations bicentennial, July 4th, 1976 fell on a Sunday. The Tatt can remember taking her brood downtown to watch the parade on a Sunday.

The original 4th of July, it was a Thursday.

The well-intentioned people at the American Legion and the Ypsilanti Jaycees should be required to return on Sunday, July 4th and personally apologize to anyone that shows up with chairs, blankets, and flags to watch the parade, only to find out, “You missed the 4th of July parade, you guys should have been here yesterday.”

The Tatt is sleeping in on the 3rd. If you honk real loud as you go by the Water Tower, she may wave a wing from the porthole, but don’t count on it. The parade will only piss off Miss Tatt further as most of the school bands will probably ‘forget’ to carry the Stars and Stripes in the Parade again.

Thank God the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor got it right, their 4th of July Parade is on the 4th of July starting at 11am. Imagine that.

Ann Arbor’s parade is normally 9am and Ypsi’s is 11am so the local politicos can make both parades. Don’t expect Ann Arbor to move their parade back to 9am next year since they now have the coveted 11am time slot. So Ypsi loses twice. Brilliant!

The Tatt doesn’t have to pay any taxes as the Water Tower is city owned property.

Apparently Landlord Stewart Beal thought the same rules applied to him.

If you can believe the hacks over at YpsiNews, Lord Beal owes $86 Grand in back taxes. That is a lot of chicken feed.

Last year it was tattles about the demise of the Ann Arbor News, in 2010 it seems to be the year of the Beal.

The Tattler has been accused of telling lies about Stewart Beal and his lack of C of O’s. The Terrible Tattler has to admit, she was wrong.

Stewart Beal was not guilty of renting out hovels with no C of O, he is guilty of renting them with no C of C or Certificate of Compliance.

Who the hell knew there was a difference, but there is.

OK, the Tatt has been admonished.

Was the Tatt telling lies?

Read the memo about Beal’s 103 N Adams property from Ypsilanti City Hall and you decide.