According to a midtown tattler, the largest property in Stewart Beal’s Ypsilanti Empire has been condemned.

Beal, the blogospheres favorite piñata, had the gas at 206-210 North Washington turned off for non-payment. The tattling tenant claims Beal reconnected the gas not long after DTE had removed the meter. DTE was none too happy with Beal.

With no heat, tenants were using space heaters to keep from freezing during the coldest week this winter.

This was apparently too much for the City which ordered the building condemned this week and all the tenants were forced out by Friday midnight.

The Tatt tried to talk to the tatts tossed on their tails, but her door at the Water Tower was plowed in by the snow plows from EMU clearing the parking lot for the administrators at Welch Hall.

Got a tip for Miss Tatt, she’s not going out in this weather any time soon, so tape it to a growler, tap on the door, and leave it on the steps.