New neighbors move into the tower

New neighbors move into the tower

The Tatt is all about sharing. What is mine is yours. So she wasn’t upset in the least when she got wind of new neighbors. She hasn’t met the new neighbors though she has written about them before.

The Mistress of Tatt was downtown getting some coffee this morning when she came across this poster for the Ypsilanti Citizen. The Citizen had their coming out party over the weekend. On their poster they proudly announce their new home is, Ypsilanti’s own Water Tower.

So neighbor, welcome. A couple of things I should warn you about your new home.

There is already a whiskey distellery here. The moonshine boys snuck it in during the dark time when Nathan Voght was at City Hall. Now that the evil Mastermind Murph is the new planner, things are much better and they are even working on getting everything legal. Murph, hope you enjoy the bottle they left for you, drink it slowly.

They don’t make a lot of noise except when they are doing their cook-off and the smell is like living next to a bakery so the Tatt is always hungry. Think of it like living above the Co-Op bakery.

Fred the Flag guy

Fred the Flag guy

Fred comes by every once in a while to change the flags. He has a key but never bothers any one.

The YCUA boys are over now and then and they annoyingly park their truck on the sidewalk. It’s like they think they own the place.

They just check the gauges, get a water sample and around this time of year come over and put up the Christmas lights.

There is the joker that keeps turning out the light as you are walking up the stairs. You then have to walk back down to turn on the light or walk up the rest of the way in the dark. If I ever catch that guy I … oh never mind.

Visitors come by to take pictures and pose in front of the Tower and there is the one leggy model that shows up every once in a while. Besides that, things are pretty quite. If you need help carrying your things in, just ask.

To the Ypsilanti Citizen, welcome to your new home. Make sure you wipe off your feet before you come in. Glad you are here.